Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

  • How To Manage A Termite Problem

    Termites can do a great deal of damage to a house and it is hard to prevent because they are so hard to spot. Most of the time a termite colony will find your home while underground, so unless you are digging a trench or working on your home, you may not know you have a problem until the problem is dire. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you start dealing with and trying to prevent termites from destroying your home.

  • Tips For Preventing Pest Problems At Your Office

    A business that is experiencing significant pest problems can experience a number of serious issues. For example, these pests can cause costly damage to the building, equipment or stored products. Also, these pests can make customers uncomfortable with being in your building, and this can have a direct impact on the enterprise's revenue. Due to these reasons, an effective pest control and management plan will be essential for protecting your enterprise:

  • Go Away! Three Tips For Keeping Ants Away This Summer

    Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to start watching out for those little pests that like to wreak havoc on your life during the summer. One of the biggest nuisances you'll find in your home, and in your yard, is the ant – doesn't matter what kind. Virtually every type of ant that you'll find this summer will be ready to crawl all over your counters and sting you at a moments notice.

  • How To Protect Your Clothing From Bed Bugs

    If you're fighting a bed bug infestation, there's a good chance the bugs are in your clothing. Going through your closet and isolating the clothes you wear is a good idea because it will keep you from spreading the bugs and it might even save you from getting bitten as much. Here are some tips for managing your clothing when you have bed bugs. Bag Up Clothing You Don't Wear

  • Are There Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

    One of the hardest bugs to get rid of from a home and one that doesn't seem to have any real benefit to you are bed bugs. For the most part, they are difficult to catch, as it is very hard to even spot them let alone spray them to kill them. They don't just hide in your bed sheets either; they can be found pretty much anywhere in your home.

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Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

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