Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Bug Off! How to Get Rid of Pesky Fleas

Judy Lute

If you're tired of being bitten by the fleas that have invaded your home, it's time to take matters firmly into your own hands. If left along, fleas will infest your home, and refuse to leave. Unfortunately, when that happens, you'll become the unsuspecting main course for the fleas, and their insatiable appetite. Luckily, you don't need to live with the constant itching. Here are some simple tricks you can use to get rid of the fleas, and keep them away.

Give Your Dog a Salt Bath

If you've got a dog that loves to go outside, chances are pretty good that your flea problem begins right there. Fleas can travel by the hundreds right with your dog. If you don't want to use those pesticide flea collars, you don't need to. There's an easier way to keep fleas off your dog. All you need to do is give your dog a weekly salt bath. Fill the tub with warm water, and add about one cup of salt. Allow the salt to dissolve completely, and then place your dog in the tub. Rinse your dog off well with the salt water solution, paying close attention to the area under the neck, around the ears, and on the belly. The salt water will kill the fleas, and their eggs. Don't let your dog drink the water though. The salt water will give your dog a stomach ache.

Take Them for a Midnight Swim

If you've got fleas in your carpeting, you can trick them out of the fibers. Since fleas are attracted to light, but they can't swim, use that information to your advantage. Fill a few pie tins with water, and wrap battery-operated light strands around them. At night, turn the main house lights off, and turn the lights on. The fleas will be attracted to the light and jump right into the pans of water. Be sure to turn the lights off before you go to bed.

Give Them a Dose of Aromatherapy

If you've got fleas in every room of the house, give them a good dose of aromatherapy. Fleas hate the smell of eucalyptus and lavender, which are both scents that will make your home smell fresh and clean. Fill a spray bottle with water and add several drops of either essential oil. Spray the solution along the baseboards in your home. You'll keep the fleas away, and leave your home smelling nice. You can also saturate a cotton ball with essential oil and place it in your vacuum for a flea treatment each time you vacuum.

Give Your Exterminator a Call

If you've got a full-blown flea infestation, give your exterminator a call. They'll get rid of the fleas so you don't need to worry about them anymore.

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