Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Residential Pest Prevention Protects Your Home From The Hazards Of A Pest Infestation

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If you take steps to keep pests out of your home, you can avoid the embarrassment and destruction that comes along with a pest infestation. Pest prevention isn't that much work once you've set up your home properly and it will pay off with fewer worries about roaches and rodents crawling all over your kitchen. Here's a look at some basic and effective steps for residential pest prevention.

Have Pest Control Treatments On A Schedule

Talk to a pest control company about having routine pest control treatments. Applying treatments around the perimeter of your home can keep pests in your yard from getting in your house.

Having treatments on a timed schedule during the year is a good way to implement residential pest prevention. However, it's also important to call for additional treatments if you see pests in your home because it's possible to carry roaches home from the store in paper bags too.

Get Exclusion Services To Block Entry Points

If you're handy, you might seal up entry points around your home yourself. Otherwise, let a pest control company do it for you. They can seal cracks and plug holes along the foundation and siding so pests have a hard time finding a way to get inside your house.

This can keep rodents as well as insects from getting in through small gaps around windows or where pipes exit your house.

Set Up Monitoring Stations To Catch Problems

Monitoring stations are used to watch for termite activity in your yard. You can also use them to monitor for bugs inside your house. You can use insect traps or glue traps so you can watch for roaches, spiders, and other insects that might be crawling around your home.

Catching an occasional spider or bug might not be cause for alarm, but if you see them regularly, that could be a sign your home has a moisture problem you need to correct or the house may not be sealed up well.

Maintain A Tidy House So You Don't Attract Pests

It's also important to do your part for effective pest control. If you leave food crumbs in your kitchen, you could lure in insects. Clutter gives rodents and bugs a place to hide.

Keep your home tidy, dry, and free from food sources for pests so they have no reason to come inside your house and stay. A tidy house also makes it easier to see and notice pests so you can take fast action to stop an infestation before it starts.


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