Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Signs That You Have A Mouse Problem In Your Home That Needs To Be Taken Care Of

Judy Lute

While a mouse visitor or two is inevitable in your home, there are signs that your home may be inundated with mice that you need to get rid of. If you find small bits of fur near your bathroom sink, or mouse droppings on your kitchen counter, these are sure indicators that there are mice roaming freely around your home. When you have a cat living in your home and they don't seem to be bringing you any mice, it's time to call pest control service to take care of the problem. If you ignore the signs of mice infestation, you can end up with mice dying in your walls and leaving a big mess to clean up.

If You Can't Identify the Source of a Smell in Your Home

When you smell a bad smell coming from your walls and you can't find the source, it is probably the smell of a dead mouse that got stuck in your wall. While the smell will go away in a few weeks once the mouse has decomposed, another one could be close behind. If you don't take care of your mouse problem, you can end up having one after another stuck in your walls.

Bits of Fur are In Your Bathroom

You can set out a mouse trap or two if you notice small bits of fur in your bathroom. Mice will also leave behind droppings. They are partial to bathrooms because they are there for the water source. If you think mice are roaming your bathroom at night, take the time to clean your counter thoroughly. If you want, sprinkle a little flour to create a film on your counter to see if it gets disturbed by any nighttime mouse visitors. 

You Find Mouse Droppings on Your Counters

If you find mouse droppings on your counters, this means the mice are finding bits of food on your counters. While you can try to keep your counters spotless every night, even the tiniest crumbs will attract mice. They will also go into food bowls that you leave out for your pets, so check around pet dishes to see if there are mouse droppings.

It is nearly impossible for you to find where the mice are coming into your home, and this is why pest control services are necessary. When you see signs of mice in your home, call a pest control service immediately.


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