Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

How To Properly Use Termite Bait Traps

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If you have noticed termites on your property, you want to take steps to have them removed as soon as possible. Termites cause destruction to building materials, thereby possibly causing difficulties with structures these materials are made from. Many homeowners use termite bait traps in an attempt to eradicate existing termites from the grounds around structures. Here are instructions on how to use these traps so they work effectively.

Obtain Traps From A Store Or A Pest Control Service

Termite bait traps are usually sold at big box stores, hardware stores, and via pest control businesses. Each type of trap kit comes with all the necessary components to get the mechanisms up and running right away. Kits usually include cylindrical posts and bait that termites are drawn to. Before setting up traps around your home, read all the accompanying instructions in the kit and make sure all the needed items are in the box. 

Decide Where To Set Up The Traps

You want your entire home protected against termites. You may need to purchase more than one kit if you have a home with a lot of square footage. The instructions in the kit you purchase will make recommendations on how far apart to set up the posts so your entire home is protected against a termite invasion. Be sure to follow these directions for the best results. After you have obtained the necessary kits for the job, use a tape measure around the perimeter of your home to mark areas where posts need to be positioned. Slide each post into the ground, being sure to leave enough room at the top for bait.

Check The Tube Setup And Add Bait

Evaluate the posts to ensure holes are positioned at the top portion so you can slide bait inside each post. Small holes are also present in the portions you have placed underground. Termites crawl through the bottom portions and make their way to the bait inside of the tubes. They then bring the bait back out of the holes in the bottom portion of tubes in the ground. From here they make their way back to nests underground. They share the bait with the rest of the termites in the nests. The bait is comprised of agents known to kill off termites. This bait is safe for the ground; however, some kits specify placing traps in areas where pets or children do not frequent. Check the traps periodically and add more bait if needed. In time you will notice a reduction in the termite population on your property.

For more information on termite control, contact a pest control company.


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