Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

What You Should Do To Prevent Spring Pests

Judy Lute

Spring will be here before you know it, and then what will begin is new growth outside, and shortly thereafter will be the pests that will begin to come into your home to find food after a long winter's hibernation. To help prevent these springtime pests, there are a number of things you need to do. Read on for some pest control tips to both prevent spring pests and to get them out of your home if they have already begun to come in.

Re-Seal Your Home

Spring is a great time to re-seal your house. The cold winter months may have done a number on your house and you could have a lot of caulking that has disintegrated or dry-rotted over the last several months. Now is the time to re-seal your house with caulk and new seals. Do a thorough check of all of your windows and doors and seal them as needed. Seal your house as needed to help prevent pests from getting into your home easily.

Clean Up Dead Growth Outside

A garden and flower bed just outside your home may still have dead overgrowth could be housing thousands of pests and probably kept them all nice and warm last winter. You need to clip back this overgrowth and remove it so new growth can come in. This way, there will be no way that pests can use the dead growth for nesting material.

Spray Pesticide Around Your Exterior And In Your Yard

Use a pesticide and spray the perimeter of your home and your yard as well. Use a granular or a spray pesticide to kill pests and to prevent them from getting into your house. You can repeat this process throughout the spring and summer months to help prevent pests and to kill a lot of the population in your yard to prevent them from crossing the threshold into your home.

Set Traps Early

In addition to spraying a pesticide outside your home, you can set traps inside your home to help kill any that are already in your home or any that will try to get into your home as well. Set traps or baits throughout your home to kill a wide variety of pests in your home. You can find traps for just about any type of pest at your local hardware store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bait or trap for them to work effectively.

If you typically get pests in your home in the spring months, you need to do some prevention before spring gets here. Use the information above to help you prevent pests this spring and call a professional pest control company to help you if they have already begun to come inside.


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