Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Using Eco-Friendly Methods to Protect Your Home Against Termites

Judy Lute

As a homeowner, you know the importance of protecting your property. One problem that homeowners battle regularly, depending upon their location, is termites. If you are wary about using chemicals to eliminate or protect your home against a termite infestation, use these eco-friendly actions instead.

Use Temperature To Your Advantage

One way to kill off pests that get inside of your home is to use the power of heat to shock their body systems. If you do not intend on being at home for several hours, turn your heat to a high setting and allow the airflow to pass throughout your home, increasing the temperature rate. To decrease the amount of time needed for an effective session, use fans to aid in dispersing heat around your home. Before you use this method, you need to remove items from within your structure that would become damaged from high temperatures. This includes food, oil or acrylic paintings, aerosol items prone to combustion, and musical instruments. The plus of this treatment option is that you do not need to wait for chemical agents to disperse before going back into your home.

Try A Borate Spray To Eliminate Pests

The element known as borate comes in a powdered form known as borax. When this is added to a spray bottle or canister of water, it can be spread around the home without ill effects to pets, people, or plants. It does, however, kill termites when they come into contact with it. Wait for a day when precipitation is not expected and spray the borate solution on wood piles, around the stumps of trees, and along the perimeter of your foundation. If you have noticed any areas within your home where sawdust is present around wood, spray the wooden areas liberally. This method may take a few sessions to eliminate the termites completely, but it is a safe and effective way to do the trick.

Use An In-Ground Bait System

A professional termite exterminator can set up your yard with a bait system that will eliminate termites over time. Stakes are positioned around the perimeter of your home and near areas where termites were discovered on your property. Holes at the tops of the stakes are used for placing bait that termites take back to their nesting areas to consume. Be sure to let the pest control service know that you prefer an eco-friendly bait for the system.

For more information regarding an eco-friendly termite extermination, contact a pest control business near you.


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Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

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