Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Things You Can Do to Prepare For Fleas and Ticks This Spring

Judy Lute

Fleas and ticks can affect you and your pets. They can be laying in your grass, or up in the trees and on other structures, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make their move onto you or your pets and they can also invade your home as well. These pests are not the type of pests you want in your yard and your home. Fleas can quickly take over your house and leave you itching like mad. Ticks on you and your pets can leave you dealing with Lyme disease.

To help you prepare for fleas and ticks this spring, read on to learn about a few helpful tips.

1. Keep Your Yard Clean

Clean up your yard and trim it often. You need to mow your yard to prevent fleas and other pests from hiding in your long lawn. Trim around the edges of the yard, especially around trees and fencing, as well as other areas. Remove brush and other piles that you may have in your yard. Ticks can be hiding in brush piles or wood piles. Remove as much of the yard debris as you can and keep it clean. 

2. Spray Your Lawn For Fleas And Ticks

Spray your lawn often to kill the fleas and ticks that you may already have. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to spray your lawn to kill these pests and to help kill other pests as well. When spraying your lawn, be sure to keep your pets out of the yard until it is dry. Spray around trees and the edge around your yard, as well as in flower beds and gardens as well where pests may be in abundance.

3. Remove Low-Hanging Branches

Remove low-hanging branches in your yard that could be host to fleas and ticks. Trimming these branches can also prevent hiding places for other pests such as raccoons, opossums, mosquitoes, and ants as well. Remove these branches and keep other trees or bushes in your yard trimmed.

Springtime is when a lot of pests are going to begin coming back out. Fleas and ticks are in abundance and you may see them in your home as well. Keep your pets and family safe by doing what you can to get rid of these pests. Hiring a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests can help. Call local pest control services to learn more. 


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