Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

What You Should Do If Mice Are Taking Up Residence In Your Home

Judy Lute

Mice are pests that are very sneaky, and sometimes it is difficult to find them. They will sneak food from the garage and take it to your crawl space, or sneak food from your kitchen, and take it to the attic. If you have mice, there is a way to find them and get rid of them. Read on for a few tips to help you get rid of these unwanted mice in your home.

Store Food Properly

All food in your home should be stored properly, and including birdseed or food for your pets. If you have other food in or around your home that mice may want to eat, you need to store it properly to ensure it doesn't attract and get eaten by the mice. If it's in an airtight container, the mice will not smell it out and won't get inside to eat it. Anything that mice may want to eat should be in a sealed container, and this includes fertilizer and grass seeds as well. Mice can be attracted by things you wouldn't necessarily think of as food, and you might end up finding grass seed all over your home.

Set Traps During Fall And Winter

Fall and winter are going to be the seasons when you find these pests in your home or garage the most. This is because they are looking for warmth and food. Be sure to set traps around your home and reset them when you catch a mouse. Reset the traps with fresh bait each and every time, and dispose of the deceased mouse properly. Set the traps where you have seen either food being taken and eaten, or where you have seen mouse droppings. Try to set the traps along walls, as this is usually where mice will run along walls or cabinets.

Clean Often

Be sure you are cleaning your home often to remove mouse droppings, which carry bacteria. Mice also leave behind grease markings from their bodies, so clean your walls and baseboards as well. Mice are not only unclean pests, they will bring along with them other pests who are also looking for food. Keep your home clean to prevent another pest problem.

If you have mice in your home, call a pest control company to help you get rid of these sneaky pests for you. They can provide animal removal and advise you on how to prevent pests in the future.


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