Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Are Your DIY Cockroach Control Methods Failing? 3 Reasons Why These Pests Are So Hard To Eliminate

Judy Lute

At some point, just about everyone has to deal with cockroaches. Whether you have just moved into a home or have discovered an infestation in your shop, you have finally reached the point where you have tried just about everything to get rid of them. While many powders and sprays advertise that they can quickly kill roaches, the truth is that there is far more involved with cockroach control services than simply setting off a fogger and running away. When your attempts at DIY methods have failed, understanding these reasons why your approach isn't working makes it easier to understand how to move forward by seeking professional help.

Different Types Require Different Approaches

For the average person, cockroaches look mostly the same except you may notice if they are different sizes. However, professionals who are trained in cockroach control know that there are several main types that are found around residential and commercial properties, and each type has distinguishing characteristics that affect their control. For instance, brown-banded cockroaches seek out warm areas such as the inside of electronics for their shelters. Simply spraying around your kitchen area may not eliminate these roaches since they are more likely to be hiding out in your bedroom or office.

Most Infestations Are Widespread By the Time You Notice

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that prefer to avoid leaving their hiding places unless they are in danger or need to eat. They can also hide in areas that are difficult to access such as within the walls or beneath holes in the carpeting. Once you see cockroaches in your house, you can assume that the infestation is already widespread to the point that they are being forced to run through your home or commercial building due to increased competition for resources such as food. Trying to spray roaches one by one or fog a single room at this point is futile.

Roaches Have High Rates of Reproduction

Roaches have also developed unique reproduction methods that increase their populations. For instance, German cockroaches tend to hold their egg capsules close to their abdomen until about 24 hours before they begin hatching. Since each capsule can hold many eggs, this protective measure allows the roaches a greater chance at reproducing at high rates. Residual pesticide treatments are often necessary to eliminate newly hatched nymphs before they can reproduce and continue the cycle.

The realization that you are fighting a never-ending battle is disheartening. Yet, you can rest assured that professional treatments can get the cockroach problem under control. In fact, putting the issue into a roach expert's hands allows you to finally enjoy the relief of getting back to your everyday responsibilities. For more information, contact a local pest control company like Good News Pest Solutions


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