Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Do's And Don'ts When You Find A Bat On Your Property

Judy Lute

Whether it's flying in confused rings around your bedroom or hanging quietly in the attic, finding a bat in your house is always frightening. Because they can carry disease and do have the ability to bite humans (although their teeth are very small, so usually the bites themselves aren't serious), you need to take special care when dealing with a bat incursion. Here are some dos and don'ts to help you navigate this situation safely.

DON'T: Try to pick the bat up or touch it

Although it may be a young, small, or very cute bat, remember that bats are literally wild animals. You should never try to touch or grab a bat that you find in your home. That would cause it to feel threatened, which in turn would make it more likely to bite.

DON'T: Startle the bat with loud noises, vibrations, or bright lights

Backing slowly out of the room and closing the door is the order of the day. Be careful not to make loud noises or sudden movements. And if the bat is just hanging there sleeping, don't assume that it won't wake up if you shine a light at it in order to look at it close up. Getting out of there safely is more important than identifying the species of bat in your house.

DO: Keep all inhabitants, including pets and children, out of the area

Make sure the area is child-proofed so your toddler doesn't accidentally wander in on the bat. And remember, bats can carry diseases such as rabies, so keeping your kitty out of the area is important too. Even if your kitty is up to date on her shots, that doesn't mean it's safe to let her eat a potentially diseased bat. If a vaccinated pet is exposed, he or she will need additional preventive treatments, which can be both painful and expensive.

DO: Call a reputable wildlife removal service

In addition to safely removing bats from your house, a good wildlife removal service will help search your house for any other bats living there. They'll also be able to look for how the bats got in and help you figure out how to keep this from happening again.

DO: Talk to your doctor about vaccines after the bat has been removed

Try to determine which members of your family were potentially exposed to (i.e. in the same room as) the bat. If you have children and you aren't sure whether or not they were exposed, take them to the doctor and discuss preventive rabies treatments. And even if you don't think you were bitten, be sure to get prevention yourself if you're in any doubt. Remember, bat bites are tiny and can disappear completely within a short amount of time, so if you were bitten in your sleep you may not even feel it.

These dos and don'ts will help you determine the safest course of action when you find bats in your home. To learn more, contact a bat removal company like Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc


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