Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Tips For Preventing Ant Problems In Your Home

Judy Lute

Ants are a particularly common problem that most homeowners will find themselves facing. When an ant problem starts to develop, you may find that these pests can be particularly difficult to exterminate. As a result, a homeowner will want to be fairly well-informed when it concerns these pests. Otherwise, they may find that addressing this disruptive and damaging problem will be much harder than is necessary.

Use Airtight Containers For Any Opened Food Items

Preventing ants will be essential to managing this problem as they can be very difficult to exterminate once a colony gets established. Unfortunately, your home may be filled with items that can attract these pests. More precisely, it is common for kitchens and pantries to be particularly susceptible to these pests due to the prevalence of food containers that will be in this part of the house. One way of combating this issue will be to always place opened food in airtight containers. This will prevent the ants from being able to sense the food, which can reduce the odds that they target this part of the home. When choosing airtight containers to use, you may want to have a preference for ones that are clear as this will allow you to easily see inside the container.

Thoroughly Clean Your Garbage Bins Every Couple Of Weeks

The garbage bins that you use can be another major target for ants. Liquids and food that spill into the containers can leave smelly residues that are extremely effective at attracting ants. Sadly, homeowners will often go long periods of time without cleaning these bins, which can allow this problem to further worsen. When you are cleaning your garbage bins, you should make sure to soak them in a sanitizing and deodorizing solution as this will help to neutralize the scents that could attract the ants. Also, you should position the garbage bins where they get ample ventilation to help prevent these odors from becoming particularly severe or concentrated as it will help fluids to dry as quickly as possible.

Leave Applying Ant Control Treatments To Professional Exterminators

If you find that your home is still experiencing ant problems despite taking these steps, there are a number of ant control products and pesticides that can be used to help you combat this issue. However, you may want to leave the application of these substances to a professional exterminator. When pesticides are incorrectly applied, it can greatly compromise their effectiveness. By hiring a professional ant pest control exterminator to treat your property, they will be able to guarantee that these chemicals are applied correctly and they can identify the areas of the property that are most likely to harbor ant colonies.


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