Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

How To Protect Your Clothing From Bed Bugs

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If you're fighting a bed bug infestation, there's a good chance the bugs are in your clothing. Going through your closet and isolating the clothes you wear is a good idea because it will keep you from spreading the bugs and it might even save you from getting bitten as much. Here are some tips for managing your clothing when you have bed bugs.

Bag Up Clothing You Don't Wear

If you want to deal with the bugs later, start by going through your closet and bagging up clothes you don't wear. This could be seasonal items or clothes you don't like anymore. Make sure the bag or bin you put them in has a tight seal so bugs can't get out. Don't forget when you go to open the bags that if there are bugs inside, they will probably still be alive. You'll need a plan for opening the bags and dealing with the bugs in a way they won't spread them through your home.

Inspect And Clean Clothes You Wear Often

Next, examine the clothes you wear often. Look for bugs in seams and under collars. To make sure all the bugs are gone, wash the clothing in hot water or run it through a hot dryer. The heat kills the bugs, but you also have to keep them from getting back on your clothing. Another option is to use a steam wand and run it slowly over your clothing. This may be a better choice for items you don't want to put in the wash. When your clothes are free from bugs, store them in rubber totes or in plastic bags that seal shut. This will keep them free from bugs while you wait for the extermination methods to work.

Isolate Your Clothing

You may be able to keep bed bugs away from your clothes by isolating them from the floor. If you can store them on top of a bed or table that has legs, you can place the legs in a cup that is coated inside with petroleum jelly. This traps bed bugs that try to crawl up and get to your clothes. You can also try putting double-sided carpet tape on the floor to create a sticky, wide barrier around your clothing so the bugs can't cross it.

Follow The Exterminator's Advice

If you hire a pest control company to get rid of your bed bugs, be sure to follow any instructions they provide about handling your clothing. The treatment methods they use may also kill bugs on your clothes, so in that case, you won't want to pack them up. When the pest control company attacks your bugs, they'll have a plan for treating all aspects of the infestation. This includes your home, furnishings, bed, and clothing. If at all possible, you should get expert help so you get rid of bed bugs faster.

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