Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Go Away! Three Tips For Keeping Ants Away This Summer

Judy Lute

Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to start watching out for those little pests that like to wreak havoc on your life during the summer. One of the biggest nuisances you'll find in your home, and in your yard, is the ant – doesn't matter what kind. Virtually every type of ant that you'll find this summer will be ready to crawl all over your counters and sting you at a moments notice. If you're not ready to use chemical pesticides in your home yet, you can still get rid of the pests. Here are three natural ways to stop ants in their tracks.

Go Heavy on the Lemons

If you've got ants coming into your house, the best thing you can do is grab the lemons. Lemon juice is a natural deterrent against ants.

Spritz the House

As soon as you find the first ants in your yard, you'll need to take steps to keep them out of the house. Fill a small pan with water and add a sliced lemon. Bring the solution to a rolling boil, and then turn the heat down. Let the solution simmer for a few minutes before turning the heat off. Let the solution cool down, and then pour it into a plastic spray bottle. Spritz the lemon water along your windowsills, doorways, and along the edges of your cabinets.

Treat the Hill

If you can see active anthills in your yard, you'll need to take battle right to their home. Peel several lemons, and place the peels in your food processor. Pulse for several seconds to turn the peels into a soft pulp. Slowly add enough water to form a liquid solution. Pour the lemon pulp mixture directly onto the ant hills.

Make Things Gritty with Grits

If you've got ants crawling inside your cabinets, and in back of your refrigerator, make things gritty with some grits. Ants don't like walking through dry grits. Simply sprinkle a thin line of grits along the back of your cabinets and behind your refrigerator. The ants will stay away from those areas.

Bring on the Vinegar

Vinegar is another natural way to get rid of the ants before they can become a nuisance. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and tap water. Spray the solution everywhere you've seen ant activity in and around your home. You can also spray the solution on your counter tops and wipe them down. The vinegar will keep the ants away.

Don't let ants wreak havoc on your summer. Use the tips provided here to keep them away. If summer time pests become more of a nuisance, be sure to contact a pest control agent near you.


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