Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

When Garden Insects Attack: Three Tips To Keep The Pests Out Of Your Home This Summer

Judy Lute

Snow caps are melting, flowers are blooming, and insects are on the move. As the sunny weather comes, so do the insects that take over your garden and can attack your home. Getting an insect infestation under control early will ensure you do not have garden pests attacking you all summer.  Here are some tips to help deal with the insects that have come out in spring and are preparing an assault on your home this summer:

1. Ants And Termites That March To Your Home In Spring

Spring has sprung and there are small armies of insects marching on your home. Ants and termites are gathering materials and building their colonies out in the garden, and now is the time to stop them. Treat your lawn for ants and termites to keep them away from your home. If they have begun to nest near your home, set bait traps out for them to get the problem under control. Be careful using bait traps near your home, because if you do not have these insects near your home, there is no reason to attract them. Also, bait traps that can lead to infestations if they do not work and the insects survive.

2. The Critters In Compost And Where You Should Keep Your Bins

Creating piles of compost is a great way to be green and make your own garden soil. The compost is also full of insects, which are very healthy for breaking down decaying organic materials. The problem with compost comes when you have a bin too close to your home. While the critters are good for compost, you do not want them in your home and keeping compost a safe distance from your home will ensure that insects and other pests do not find their way in. The back of a fence farthest away from your home is the best place for compost bins. In addition, the bin will attract insects away from your home if it is located on the back of a fence line.

3. Cleaning Up The Clutter And Decaying Debris To Keep Invading Insects Away

The debris from garden maintenance and plants around your home will begin to decay and create the perfect place for pests to make their nests. Make sure that you throw all clippings from grass and pruning away from your home. Reduce any decaying organic materials near your home, such as bark and mulch. Instead of organic materials, consider using things like gravel for flowerbeds and paths.

These are some tips to help deal with the insects that will quickly attack your home and garden this summer. Contact a pest control service like JD Termite & Pest Control Company to get rid of garden insects before they attack and make themselves at home in your home. 


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