Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Three Ways To Deal With A Persistent Mouse Problem In Your NYC Walkup

Judy Lute

If you have just moved into a NYC walk-up apartment, then you are probably excited, but also overwhelmed. You've just gone through the difficult process of moving (getting the mattress, bed, and other furniture up to your apartment without the assistance of an elevator). However, one thing you might have to deal with are mice. Even if you keep your space immaculately clean, you might still have a mouse problem. It's very likely that they are roaming freely behind the walls, traveling around the apartment building. So, here are some things you can do.

Caulk and Fill The Crevices

In the cases of old apartments, there is likely to be significant gaps between the floorboards and trim. It might not look like much to you, but these little spaces are big enough for a mouse to squeeze in through. In places like the kitchen, its a big issue. What you can do is get some steel wool and caulk and seal up the cracks. The steel wool should be stuffed into the cracks to prevent the mice from chewing through the caulk. After the steel wool is pushed into the crevice, you can use a caulk to seal it shut. Just head to the hardware store and pick out a silicone caulk that will match the trim.

Spray Peppermint Oil and Non-Lethal Traps

If you don't have significant gaps in the walls, you might want to try and spray a peppermint oil. This is a non-toxic method of preventing the mice from wanting to come around. The mice don't like the intense smell of the peppermint oil. However, it's still not fool proof, so what you might want to consider using in conjunction with the peppermint oil is some sort of non-lethal traps. These traps work like little jails. The mouse will walk inside and then a door will close behind them. It doesn't kill them, so you can just take the trap out to the park and release the mouse.

Contact A Professional Rodent Control Service

If you don't feel like dealing with the mouse problem yourself, perhaps you don't feel like caulking or trapping, then you should bring in an expert. A rodent control service is the perfect solution to dealing with NYC apartment mice. They know all the tricks necessary to keep the mice from getting into your apartment. They can search out all of the access points and then seal them up, and they can also safely administer chemical deterrents into the wall space so that the mice won't want to come around. It's safer to let the experts handle any sort of poisons since you don't want the stuff ending up in the wrong place, especially if you have a cat or dog. 

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