Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Bedbugs at Home? Avoid These Three Common Treatment Mistakes

Judy Lute

Bedbugs certainly are a nuisance to get rid of. They are experts at hiding to avoid contact with any pesticides that are applied to the bedding or fabric they live in, and their eggs can survive a pesticide treatment. If you have a bedbug infestation, make sure you avoid these common treatment mistakes so you can get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Mistake #1: Not considering heat treatment.

Though an experienced exterminator may be able to rid your home of bedbugs using specific pesticides, there is another more effective option to consider. Heat treatments, in which your entire apartment or a room at a time is heated to 120 degrees F, are highly effective in treating bedbug infestations because this kills not only the adult bugs, but also the eggs. This treatment can be quite expensive, but so can calling the exterminator repeatedly because you're still finding bugs after two or three pesticide treatments. Get an estimate for heat treatment of your home, and if you can afford it, absolutely chose this option—it will save you a lot of headaches going forward.

Of course, if you cannot afford heat treatment, then proceed with the pesticide application that your exterminator recommends. Just avoid the next two mistakes to ensure it's as effective as possible.

Mistake #2: Only having the home treated once.

Be wary of an exterminator that says he or she will only have to treat your home with pesticides one time in order to get rid of bedbugs. Many pesticides will not kill bedbugs eggs, so you'll likely need to have your home re-treated after the original treatment to kill bugs that have since hatched.

Mistake #3: Not treating clothing, linens, and other small items separately.

The fewer nooks and crannies you leave for the bedbugs to hide in, the greater the chances they'll come into contact with the insecticides. Remove all soft items, including clothing and linens, from the room before the exterminator comes to treat it. To rid these items of bedbugs, wash them with hot water and dry them on the hottest setting in your dryer. The heat will kill the bugs. Seal them in bags, and only take them out after you're sure the home has been cleared of bedbugs.

Ridding a home of bedbugs can be an ongoing process, especially if you choose pesticide treatment over heat treatment. Work with your exterminator and follow his or her instructions closely. Vigilance and attention to detail are keys to exterminating these pests through bedbug treatment.


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