Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Where Do Cockroaches Like To Hide? The Answers Can Help You Eradicate Them

Judy Lute

So there you are, living in your home as happily as possible, when suddenly you see a roach run across the floor! Since you are not one to share your residence with these bug, or any other bug for that matter, you might panic and wonder where they are coming from--especially since you strive to keep a very clean home. Well, roaches don't care if your home is clean or not. But if you know where they are hiding, you'll have a better chance at driving them away.  

The Ceiling

Roaches often love the ceiling. They will usually scurry away once the lights are turned on, but in a dark room, they tend to lurk overhead. They crawl upside down and across the ceiling moving from one side of the room to another. If you notice a roach on the ceiling, it most likely means there is a crack somewhere nearby. Since the ceiling is something that can affect the appearance of your home, it's probably best to leave the filling of cracks to a contractor. So, give them a call when you call your pest control expert. 

The Baseboards

Baseboards are possibly the most common area for roaches to hide. The small, dark, tight spaces between baseboards and walls give them refuge from most threats. Roaches can scurry into a tiny gap in your baseboard that is almost invisible to your eyes. Check your walls, baseboards, and trim for gaps and cracks that need to be filled. If you find any, fill them with clear silicone caulk. Just a tiny bit will do, but make sure the crack is completely covered.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms provide a playground of moisture for roaches to live in. While there's not usually food in a bathroom, roaches are often attracted to the residue of hair, hygiene products and human waste. They also take up residence in your pipes and drains.

If you notice roaches in your bathroom, you need to treat the pipes as well. The challenge with a bathroom is that your bathtub and sink will always have an open pipe that cockroaches can use as their entry or exit point. However, pour a capful of bleach down the drains once a month to help eliminate roaches and any other creatures with too many legs that might be in there.

Your Furniture

Roaches are sometimes drawn to the comfort of fabric against them, just like you are. So that makes furniture is a very common hiding place for roaches. This is one of their favorite places to lay their eggs. Furniture can end up being the residence and breeding ground for an entire colony of roaches. To help curb this possibility, regularly clean out food and crumbs from your couches, tables and chairs.

The biggest fear that you might have when you see a roach is that there is probably thousands more in hiding. While this is likely the case, you can take matters into your own hands by not giving them a reason to stay. If you have taken these precautions and still see roaches, call your pest control expert for help.

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