Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Keeping Bugs Where They Belong

Tracking The Spread Of Bed Bugs In Canada: How To Find Out Which Hotels To Avoid

Judy Lute

Bed bugs are international travelers that are completely unaffected by where they end up. Not even the more frigid areas of Northern Canada can stop these little bloodsuckers from migrating. (After all, they never go outdoors, and prefer to stay close to your nice, comfy bed.) However, if you want to avoid bringing any of these nasty little critters home with you, there are ways to find out which hotels and motels to avoid when you travel for business.

Bed Bug Reporting Sites

Before you travel, consult any one of Canada's bed bug spotting and reporting sites. Hotels and motels do not like these sites because they can lose business, but they do keep you and other travelers from picking up bed bugs away from home and bringing them back home with you. Some of these sites are built and supported by pest control companies, which is especially useful because you get updated reports on hotels and motels that have successfully eliminated their bed bug problem with the pest control companies' assistance.

Call Pest Control Experts in Your Destination City

Asking local experts about which hotels and motels to avoid is an excellent idea. If you talk to half a dozen of the pest control experts in your destination city, each one will be able to give you consistent advice on what places are clean and what places are so overridden with bed bugs it will make your skin crawl. Getting the "4-1-1" from local pest control agents helps you decide which places are your best risks for a clean night's sleep while you are away. (The pest control agents may not be able to name the hotels and motels specifically, but can answer questions regarding their personal recommendations for local lodging, which is a good indicator of where it is safe to stay.)

Talk to the Tourist Boards

Every Canadian city has a tourist board that manages the good and bad of tourism. While the pest control agents may be legally bound not to say exactly where the infestations are, tourist boards must know so they can defer tourists to safer accommodations and encourage Canada's tourism and travel industries. If you call the board in your destination city during daytime office hours, someone in the office will have a complete list of lodging places to avoid and lodgings where there have not been any recent reports of bed bugs.

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